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In Quest Of A Well-Organized APA Format Example For Essay

The America psychological association format popularly known as the APA format of essays is being increasingly adopted by schools and universities as a useful format. In the field of science this format has almost been standardized for writing papers of academic nature. The APA format delivers organization and consistency. The APA format that is in current use is not the one that had been initially proposed, it has undergone several changes. If you are someone who is not aware of what the APA format is, given below is an example of this essay format.

  • Margin
  • The previous formatting of the APA essay has been a margin of one and a half inch on all sides. It has been now modified and the current margin measurement stands at one inch at the top, bottom, left and right of the paper.

  • Font type and size
  • The formatting of the APA dictates that one single font should be used to write an essay. This maintains consistency and it is easier and looks more harmonious. The font that has been regulated by the APA is Times New Roman and the size of the font has to be twelve points. The heading however can be of an increased font size, not more than fourteen.

  • Spacing
  • The whole essay should be spaced double. This includes not only the text of the essay but also the various footnotes, tables, figures and appendices. The spacing for the different punctuation is different. For commas (,) the spacing should be single, for colons (:) and semicolons (;) the spacing should be single, colons and semicolons in the sentences should be spaced single. For punctuation marks that are inserted at the conclusion of a sentence should be spaced double.

  • Text alignment and indentation
  • All the texts should be aligned to the left and the margin on the right should be an uneven one.

  • Running head and short title
  • The running heads are the ones that are the top of the pages of your essay. Short titles are those two three words derived from the title of your essay. Running heads should be flushed left and short titles are to be aligned right.

  • Voice
  • It is the rule to write your essay in the active voice, like, “as per our analysis” instead of “as per the analysis”.

  • Pages and pagination
  • The order of chapters should be like this: title page, abstract, body, references, appendices, footnotes, tables and figures.

Your essay should have a title, your name as the author, any co-authors and your institution name. You can find here sample papers.