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What It Means To Be A Christian

Many people have the notion that when someone is Christian, they are unable to live life in the way a majority of people do. Ask anyone, and surely at least 60 percent of people will state mannerisms of straight laced and wholly devout people. This is simply not the case; in most cases, people will truthfully tell you that being a Christian simply means that they have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, and have created and experienced a relationship both religiously and morally with their Lord.

Characteristically speaking, those of Christian faith exert an overall goodness in themselves. When a person chooses to be Christian and puts their trust in their Lord, it’s said that the Holy Spirit also lives inside that person. Meaning that the person experiences regeneration; they change. If true, those of the Christian faith no longer have desires to do things or commit actions that their faith would look down upon. This doesn’t mean that they can’t have a glass of wine, go to a party, or see certain movies. It means that they resemble characteristics such as honesty and goodness, and strive to be the best person that they can be because they believe in themselves and their God.

Many people have the notion that acting good merits being a Christian, but in actuality, being a Christian means being and doing good. This may seem like both and oversimplification and an over complication to some, but to put it curtly, being a Christian means doing good work, stated in Ephesians 2:10, and to be Holy, stated in Peter 1:16. To be a Christian means to have true faith and a true friendship with God.

As far as religious practices go, Christianity has many different sects and an abundant amount of followers, each with a variation of ways of expressing their faith. Generally speaking, most Christians abide in prayer, normally on a regular basis aside from their Sunday Church. Many Christians also partake in other traditional forms of rituals and practices such as baptism, a ceremony in which a person is welcomed into the Christian religion through being blessed with water, worship services and communion.

Though not all Christians or members of other religions abide in the same practices and live a universal life day to day, the traditional Christian will agree that the key to having a strong bond with their religion comes from the closeness that they share with their Lord and the will to strive to do and be better.