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12 Specific Topics To Consider For A Cause And Effect Analysis Essay

The topic is the starting point in the creation of any paper. When your focus is no cause and effect here are some tips to keep in mind before you search for one:

  • Do a bit of preliminary research
  • There is no greater hardship than picking an idea, getting invested in it and really becoming excited only to realize that the two factors you are looking at are not causally related or worse yet, they are not linked in any way at all. As soon as you start brainstorming, look out for issues that might become problematic later on.

  • Keep the reader in mind
  • There are different ways to address different people. Some like to be entertained by the essays first of all, others want to be informed strictly. You have to know which of these you are dealing with as you write. There are also some causes and effects that some people refuse to acknowledge which may prejudice them against your paper before they even begin to read.

  • Keep your position in mind
  • As a savvy young writer in an edgy magazine you have a certain amount of freedom. As a high school student in a very conservative school you would have less. Know what you can get away with based on your status.

Your topics, if you followed those tips may look a bit like these:

  1. Human Activity and Climate Change: How one led to the other
  2. Donald Trump: The result of the gradual dumbing down of the GOP
  3. Cannabis Criminalization: The disaster that greedy, racist profiteers inflicted on the planet
  4. Superficial Feminism: How the hijacking of the movement by a privileged few led to greater issues for the rest
  5. Waiting forever: The factors that lead women to postpone having children indefinitely
  6. Inevitable wars: How scarcity of resources makes clashes inevitable
  7. Murderous Corporations: Discovering the profit motive that encourages big companies to risk the well-being of their customers
  8. Leaks: How the internet made secrecy a thing of the past
  9. Beards: How the fashion industry shows us what to look like
  10. Frakking for freedom: How the destructive practice of frakking destabilized oil based economies worldwide
  11. Surreality Television: How our viewing habits affect our concepts of self and the world
  12. Illogical laws: A look at the effects the criminalization of victim-less crimes has on the legal system

Any of these could provide you with an excellent starting point for deciding on your own topics.