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The Witch Trials In Salem, Massachusetts (1692)

The Witch Trials of Salem are generally known as the Salem witch trials in which severe accusations of witchcraft were laid on people. It was actually a series of hearings which took place in Massachusetts. When this case occurred, super natural superstitions were considered as an important part of everyday life and this concept was emerging by the passage of time in Europe as well as America. It stayed for more than a year, from 1692 to 1693. A few nearby ladies were suspected as a result of this trail, twenty people in total were executed. One of the people was hanged and about fourteen were women in the list. These Salem witch trials were typically started by a group of girls in 1692 when the craze of witchery and witch craft spread in one of the minor communities of Salem Village. These girls sued to break religious obligations set in their Put Arian community by playing various games like fortune telling etc. One of the most important people whose involvement was greatly highlighted in the witch trials of Salem was Abigail Williams. He was also one of the most important accusers in these trials. She, along with her niece Samuel Parris, was the first people to get afflicted in Salem Village of Massachusetts. In October’ 2001, after further investigation, Governor Jane Swift proceeded the fact that the people executed about 300 years ago in case were innocent.

In America, it was considered as one of the most important cases of mass hysteria. It is also used in political literature portraying many important factors such as extremism in religion, unauthentic accusations and all the destructions occurred through isolationism. It was a typical yet common example of American Colonial. It was considered as one of the most influential series of hearings in American history.

After the end of these trials, further researches reveal that people who were executed as a result of this issue were suffering from a psychological disorder which was caused by negative mental impacts of Indian Attacks. Many important and highlighted writers also revealed the Salem witch trials beautifully in their literature after centuries of the original event.