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Tips To Help You Craft A Solid Expository Essay Introduction

An expository essay writing requires you to introduce an idea, examine it carefully, explain its main points, and then make a solid argument. An important feature of this kind of academic writing is that the paper should explain the facts. In other words, the main argument should not be clouded by your personal opinion. Before you start comparing, discussing, or analyzing your subject in hand, you need to come up with a good topic idea and introduce it to the readers.

How to Compose a High-Quality Introduction for an Expository Essay

After you have completed a planning stage of your work, you need to start working on the paper’s introduction. The following tips will help you craft a solid piece of writing:

  • Begin with a catchy sentence.
  • You need to begin discussing your topic immediately, so compose an engaging sentence that catches the attention of your audience and provides them with a general idea of what your paper is about.

  • Guide your readers through your essay.
  • A strong introduction should provide the readers with the information necessary to understand the rest of your work. So, select the vital facts, details, and opinions about your study subject to set the context that guides your audience through your writing.

  • Express your main idea.
  • A thesis statement is usually provided at the end of the introductory paragraph. It’s recommended to formulate your point as a single clear and concise sentence. Make sure to include a transition between your introduction and the first body paragraph.

  • Write your assignment in the second person.
  • You should provide your own perspective, so it makes sense to write in the second person. However, remember to stay objective and prove your point of view using evidence and logical reasoning.

How to Begin Your Expository Assignment

Students often procrastinate when it comes to writing their papers. You can use one of these approaches to get to work with ease:

  • Compose a rhetorical question that leads into the rest of the essay.
  • Provide a quotation that introduces your topic idea.
  • Tell the story that illustrates the issue or subject under study.
  • Describe a key element of the story you are going to tell in your work.

One of the most effective approaches used is to write the rest of your paper first and then come back to your introduction. So, you will be able to provide the outline for the entire paper, identify what information to include in the opening paragraph, and formulate your thesis statement without a hitch.