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Effective Essay Guidelines For High Schools

If you have just been promoted to high school, chances are your teachers have warned you about essays. High school essays are definitely not as intimidating as say, doctoral research papers. Yet, for students who have only written five paragraph essays so far, it can be challenging. Most of the time your teacher very conveniently leaves out the details and technique of going about an essay. They simply assign you a subject or a topic and ask you to present it in two or three weeks’ time. These essays of high school may be toil, but they are effective in later life. You will not be scared of attempting the college level essays because you have already practiced writing such papers in high school.

Below we have given an easy guideline which you can follow to write your essay. It might make things a little easy.

  • Collection
  • One you have got the topic you begin gathering your material right away. Chances are that the topics assigned will require you to do some in depth reading and research. Look up the indexes of books to find relevant material. This will save you the hassle of flipping through a hundred pages. Talk to your librarian they can guide you to the right books. If library isn’t your things you can always gather information over the internet. But remember the internet is not always authentic in its information. Cross check whatever information you get. Collect data to support the arguments you will put forward in your paper. The data should also be crosschecked to avoid faults.

  • Outline
  • Once you have all your material in front of you, begin to form the outline of your paper. This is the most difficult part and requires time. Sit down with your topic review all the material you have and decide. First keep an introduction that will explain the topic you are working on. Here you must also elaborate on the technical concepts that occur in your work. Then present your strongest argument. Support it with ample examples and data. In this way present three to four arguments in decreasing order of strength in the paper. All the arguments should have an organic unity and one must lead on to the other. Finally present a methodology and tie it all up with a succinct conclusion.

While writing mark grammatical mistakes and never plagiarize. You can be severely punished for such an offense.