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7 Things To Know About The Critical Analysis Essay Structure

A critical analysis essay is a project that is written to be appreciated. A winning essay is a paper that is written with consideration of seven essential things that will be listed below.

  • Thing #1: A Good Topic
  • A good topic allows you to compose a great paper that is interesting to you and your readers. Choosing a topic for your project, you need to be sure that you really like it. Choose something that is not banal, overly explored, too popular, too strange, or too unknown. Make sure that you can support all the opinions you express in it with reference sources.

  • Thing #2: A Catchy Title
  • A good title is the most attractive thing in your essay. When people browse through similar papers in a library or an electronic database, a title is a thing that attracts their attention. With the help of a smart title, you can win a lot of points.

  • Thing #3: A Good Hook
  • In the introductory paragraph of your essay, you need to use a so-called hook that will keep the readers reading your paper. The hook can be used in the following ways:

    • A funny or interesting idea that is introduced in the beginning but completed only closer to the end of the project;
    • A catchy fact that your readers would not know;
    • A stunning quote of a famous researcher, writer, artist, etc.
  • Thing #4: Reliable Reference Sources
  • Reference sources that you choose for your paper are here to support all the opinions and points of view that your paper represents. If you want to look professional, make sure that all the reference sources that you use are reliable enough.

  • Thing #5: Smart Citations
  • If you use reference sources, take advantage of nice, attractive, smart citations that can make your narration far more vivid and interesting. However, remember that all their authors and the sources where you have found them should be listed in the reference page of your project.

  • Thing #6: Clever Conclusions
  • Coming to certain conclusions is easy, yet, putting them into words can be a tough task somehow. Give attention to the way you compose your conclusions and make sure that they match the goals stated in the introduction.

  • Thing #7: A Rich Bright Language
  • Though complicated grammar is not welcomed in such papers, you should feel free to use several bright, juicy synonyms, catchy phrases. Avoid long complicated sentences or abusage of terms or abbreviations that are strange to common readers. Remember always to stay impartial in the way you express your opinion regarding the analyzed objects.