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Housing Policies In Guatemala

Guatemala is located in the North side of America and became an independent state once it freed itself from Spain. Because it was a newly established state, it needed a lot of reforms and rules in order to ensure people continued to live in harmony. Following is a brief insight to the various housing policies that were introduced in Guatemala.

Housing Policy

The very first policy reforms that were introduced in Guatemala were in 1997. These reforms were made with a great amount of help from the financial department that had been set up.

Housing Policies in Guatemala

It is important to understand the role macro-economy played in the housing policies. They had a vital role to play in the political establishments and the social circumstances in the country too. Following are the conditions:

  1. It is important to understand that in a relatively less reformed country where establishments are still being made and things are still not completely refined, everything continues to go through urbanization. Hence, Guatemala still required a great deal of work.
  2. The factor that made the housing policies even more difficult was the fact that the population in Guatemala was very dense. Because of this concentration, the policies had to be apt and timely.
  3. The housing policies had to be structured in such a manner that they demonstrated the overall wealth of the country to ensure that the rich were not the only ones who ended with a house. The wealth had to be distributed equally to ensure that everyone had a decent living space. They did not want poverty to increase in the newly established country.
  4. The housing policies that had been introduced in the past violated and distorted the financial subdivision of the country. As a result of this the demand for long term fiscal properties had to be reassessed.
  5. The older policies left a very negative and detrimental influence on the homely savings that people had made in the form of investments a long time ago. The rates of these investments dropped very low and something had to be done to sort the situation out. That was the only way the economy could be stabilized.
  6. The government intervened and came up with various policies to regenerate required finances in order to meet all the prerequisites that would help establish the housing community.

These are the struggled Guatemala faced but ultimately resolved in their housing sector.