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24 Interesting Ideas For Your School Essay About Sports

Writing is an important way to express ideas and sports tend to be close to many people’s hearts. If you have any issues with sporting competitions that you would like to deal with, an essay can provide a great outlet. Here are a few things to consider as you write:

How do you define the term?

Some fields contain many of the write elements yet still do not fit neatly into any of the conventional sporting categories. Make sure that the reader knows your own definition.

What are your own opinions?

If you are very much biased to or against rugby or badminton, this is likely to come out in your essay. This may add an interesting slant to it or it may come off as shortsighted. Just keep aware.

Here are a few topics to consider:

  1. How harmful is the use of performance enhancing drugs by competitors?
  2. Gender-free: A future where men and women compete together
  3. Are prosthetic legs an unfair advantage to runners?
  4. Should self-driving cars be allowed to compete in racing?
  5. How does participation in Mixed Martial Arts affect young people’s perception of violence?
  6. Should children be directed away from pursuing sports as a full time career?
  7. How important is physical education?
  8. How young is too young for full contact sports?
  9. Should transgendered individuals be allowed to compete in the team of their identified genders?
  10. Are athletics teams unnecessarily ageist?
  11. Are tennis endorsements for female athletes based on talent or looks?
  12. How often do colleges encourage football scholarship holders to disregard their academic performance?
  13. Should basketball players have a portion of their wages garnished towards a pension fund?
  14. Should cheer-leading be subjected to the same level of safety requirements as recognized sports?
  15. Rhabdomyolysis: The darker side of Cross-fit and other extreme lifting pseudo-sports
  16. The benefits of athletic competition on overall cognition
  17. How teamwork is encouraged by cheer-leading
  18. Premature Mental Aging: How helmets have failed generations of football players
  19. Why has the Math Olympiad never received as much funding as the Olympics?
  20. With aging populations in many countries, should geriatric international sporting competitions be considered?
  21. Are dance competitions physical and competitive enough to be labeled sporting events?
  22. Should women be discouraged from power lifting?
  23. Are the financial barriers to entry in many sports a form of intentional social exclusion?
  24. Is golf less of a sport than parkour?
  25. Can martial arts be self-taught?