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Racism In Technology Advertisements


Sadly, racism is very dominant in society today. It is the belief that certain races are inferior to others, due to a specific characteristic or ability. This belief can exist at every level of society, and leads supposedly inferior races facing discrimination in their daily routine; through segregation, supremacism and hierarchical ranking.

While ethnicity is separate from racism they are often closely linked, as the individual’s race will define their superiority. The belief is, as stated by the UN, false, immoral, and unjust and in some cases dangerous.

Technological Advertisements

Every business will have an extensive advertisement plan, aimed at building their profile and attracting customers. These plans will be affected by the service offered, the target audience and the budget available for use.

Technology encompasses everything from household’s appliances and computing programs to cars and vehicles. Organizations specializing in these diverse industries will aim to promote their product and increase sales.

How Racism is shown in Technology Advertisements

Racial discrimination is present in technology advertisements though some may argue that it is not always negative, as they are open to interpretation. Multinational companies deal with a variety of cultures, races, nationalities and religious groups, and so they need to consider techniques that will not cause offence or discriminate against a single group. They may not always be successful in this aim, and this error will cause them to receive bad publicity and criticism especially if it is a continuous mistake.

Racial stereotyping in technology advertisements is usually utilized to gain a humorous reaction from people, and this is why it is a cause of outrage for many. This amusement, while seemingly harmful, promotes discrimination in society to a point where it is perceived as inconsequential. However, this is not the case. Every advertisement used by the technology companies has a message, which may go above and beyond the simple ‘buy me, I’m better’ message. Advertisements where, for example, a bleach turns the skin color from black to white promote cultural superiority and breeds discrimination in everyday life. People become desensitized and begin to view it is ‘normal’, and this has many repercussions.

Most technology companies will have guidelines to avoid racial discrimination, if only for fear of a potential lawsuit. With the diversity of the open market, it is important to conduct research on daily news and history of each region to avoid monopolizing on issues that may be offensive to a single group. This task is commonly assigned to the human resource department, who will deal with issues that may arise amongst their clients and working staff.

In today’s society, with companies expanding and adopting projects all over the world. It is important for them to take racism seriously to avoid offending their diverse client base.