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How To Organize Notes For An Essay In A Proper Way

Organizing and writing an essay even after years of experience can be as fearsome as the first one. Many students make the mistake of organizing the paper during the writing phase or when they choose to revise. The correct time to arrange the paper is during the pre-writing stage. Planning is the first step prior to organizing, which allows students to pay attention to the little issues that are rarely thought of at the time of sitting down with the paper./p>

The following stages constitute the structuring and organization of an essay:/p>

  • Chalk out your thoughts
  • There are plenty of questions that might bother you throughout the planning stage. Think carefully as to what idea you should stress upon, how much of work has been done on the topic and whether you should consider the opinion of other thinkers. There is no simple formula to get started but you can jot down points well in advance and address them one by one./p>

  • Determine the type of essay you wish to do
  • Though all essays have more or less the same basic components like an introduction, the inside paragraphs of discussion and rounding off with a conclusion, but few ‘modes of arrangement’ or the type of information you wish to arrange determines the objective of the essay. Few are:/p>

    • Description
    • Narration
    • Classification
    • Compare and contrast
    • Creative non-fiction
    • Cause and effect, and many more
  • Write the thesis statement
  • Basically, a thesis statement is akin to a ‘roadmap’ for your essay. If you frame a proper statement, it is more than likely that there will be a dispute on it for arguments are bound to arise. Include all the salient points and ensure that the point of discussion is well explained. Keep revising as that will help you explore aspects that you might not have included, so you can edit the same. Reverse outlines work good in this respect and can be found on the web. Every time you have a new point to include, simply summarize those in the margin./p>

  • Incorporate paragraphs
  • There will be no purpose of your planning, outlining and arranging ideas if the paragraphs fail to highlight your arguments. Even if one paragraph doesn’t fit into the context of the essay, the entire essay might look odd. So e careful as to what you include in the paragraphs.

    Organizing your paper in a proper way is a big responsibility and the web helps you achieve that under all circumstances.