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What To Write In An Essay About Love Vs Friendship

It has always been a tough task writing any type of academic essay, especially when you are just starting out as a student. Apart from the making sure you gather enough reliable information from reputable sources, you will need to organize the data into an understandable format by diligently writing your paper. Afterwards, you sit down to carefully proofread before submission. The most important of all is transforming the gathered data into a coherent piece. For that paper about love versus friendship, here is what you should write about. They are as follows:

  • Give A Definition Of The Concepts: Before you start writing your essay about love versus friendship, it is important that you first define the meaning of love and friendship. In doing so, let your target readers know and understand the true meaning of these concepts.
  • Give Your Opinion: It is true that you have already defined the meaning of love and friendship but then, that does not mean that you completely agree or disagree with the definition given. These concepts mean different things to different people and as such, you should write your own opinion of what love and friendship is all about.
  • Look At The Similarities: There are certain characteristics of love and friendship that make them seem similar. Explore these similarities in the body of your essay. Discuss how these similarities make them related.
  • Explore The Differences: Just as there are similarities, so also there exist differences between love and friendship. Therefore, in the same way you explored the similarities, you should also take your time to explore the differences. You can also go a step further to argue why these differences exist and if they remain constant or subject to change based on certain factors.
  • Write A Strong Introduction: Based on the content of the body of your essay, you can then go ahead and create a strong and interesting introduction for your paper. In doing this, let your opinion about love versus friendship be reflected in the thesis statement. This is dependent on what you think about love versus friendship.

These are some of the things your teacher expects to see in your academic paper about love versus friendship. Apart from carrying out researches, you should also use personal experiences to further boost your opinion about the topic you have been assigned to write on. Finally, properly proofread your essay before you submit to your teacher.