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4 Pointers To Help You Create A Descriptive Essay About Education

Education is present in every facet of our daily lives from the moment we are born to the last breath we take. It is a core part of being an intelligent species and is the driving force behind progress and innovation. We owe everything we have today, from our technological advancements to our social interactions, to the continued pursuit of knowledge acquisition and discovery.

When writing a descriptive essay on education, there are four major angles from which this topic can be approached. The following short list contains a description of four significant aspects of education that should be included in any well written essay about the subject:

  1. The students
  2. Students are the ones that are influenced the most by educational practices and customs and it can clearly be seen that different methods have different effectiveness depending on the student under study. Do some research to find out about the problems and desires of students within the education system, have them make suggestions on how they think the systems can be improved.

  3. The teachers
  4. Major players in the education arena, teachers can be considered the ones that nurture and prepare the future of inventors, scientists and researchers. Often finding themselves in situations where they have to devise methods of assisting struggling students with their academics, teachers have been known to deal with students much better than their parent ever could. A study into the world and life of a teacher could be very informative.

  5. The discoverers
  6. Knowledge has to come from somewhere, it can’t just appear in one day. How things are discovered may surprise you since many of what we consider common knowledge today, was not so common just a few short years ago. Most of discovery starts with simple observations, that have lead to questions which later turned out to be quite significant to science and our daily lives. Usually unheard of, much of what we know we owe to a handful of eccentric working by themselves in poorly lit rooms and laboratories.

  7. The appliers
  8. Though we owe much of what we know to random chance discoveries by previously unknown persons, much of the technologies that result from these discoveries are created by another team of people. These are the engineers of society, they take fundamental principles in nature and use them to devise mechanisms that benefit our lives in many ways.