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How To Create An Argument In An Essay: 8 Best Tips And Tricks

Have you ever been asked to write an argumentative essay only to get failed because you did not know how to come up with an argument? Well, this is something that most students tend to take for granted. In the event that you are looking to learn one or two things about this, you can get online help and find an easier way the next time you need to write such an essay. The following are some of the best tips and tricks that will help you through:

  1. Find relevant samples
  2. Determine your stand point
  3. What are the main points
  4. Evidence for the basic points
  5. Careful structure of the answer
  6. Introduce the argument
  7. Explain the position
  8. Conclude the discussion
  • Find relevant samples
  • The first thing that you will need to make sure you do is to get your hands on some really good samples. The reason for this is because it will help you figure out just how well a good argument is supposed to sound like, and will also guide you as you proceed with the rest of the task.

  • Determine your stand point
  • You need to figure out where you stand in as far as the statement that you are about to present is concerned. This will stop you from getting distracted or coming up with conflicting statements through the paper.

  • What are the main points
  • Think about the major points that you want to present for this task, and then list them down in order of importance.

  • Evidence for the basic points
  • Do some research into the points that you have mentioned above. This will help you find out more information to support the same.

  • Careful structure of the answer
  • Think of the answers that you want to present for these statements, and how you will make them come alive in your work.

  • Introduce the argument
  • Since everything is now in order, you need to introduce your argument. A brief introductory statement will work just fine.

  • Explain the position
  • Determine and discuss your position with respect to the issue that you have raised. Explain it properly and make sure the paragraphs that do the same are articulately compounded.

  • Conclude the discussion
  • When you are through with all the work on the arguments, you will need to sum up everything and write a good conclusion for your paper.