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Tips And Ideas For Crafting An Essay Title On To Kill A Mockingbird

Quite the popular book, many students have had to write essays on this particular novel during their high school years and it can still be considered a nice read by many. The topics that have been written about this book are quite possibly endless, yet it is still possible to go back to it and create a whole new angle to analyze this novel from.

The following points will outline a possible train of investigation to follow, to assist you in creating an essay topic to write on:

  1. Read the book and understand it in your own way
  2. Like most forms of art, a well written book can result in many different inspirations, so do not worry too much about interpreting the context of the story incorrectly. There is no such thing. What you must do is ensure that all of your deductions are based on reasons contained in the text and you must be able to show how.

  3. Consider the racist implication of the story
  4. This story touches on many sensitive aspects of our past society, most notably racism and how peoples of different color were treated by seemingly well respected citizens. It also shows how a young child, with no experience in social norms, cannot understand the irrational behavior displayed by the adults.

  5. Consider how scout perceived the reality of her world compared to the adults
  6. One of the main characters in the story, scout had many questions about what was going on around her. She was a smart child and often understood many things that adults should have, but clearly they did not. The entire story can be perceived differently if seen through her eyes.

  7. Analyze the life of boo Radley and consider how rumors can be very wrong
  8. This character was shrouded in mystery for most of the tale but makes a very significant appearance. His character is another example of how social norms can be unjustified and cruel. How was Boo’s life different from the rest of the community?

  9. Was jeb a reflection of Atticus or of society?
  10. Being the eldest son of a respected citizen, Jeb had may opinions about a particular incident but was told to be silent since his younger sister should not be privy to such information. Was Jeb speaking of his own mind or was he simply trying to emulate the adults around him?