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Tips For Composing An Introduction Paragraph For A Descriptive Essay

Writing a descriptive essay can be challenging because one should have a rich vocabulary, given that you’ll be writing on something by using a lot of adjectives. You need to play with words that describes event, settings, or different people involved, and make sure you’ll be using the most appropriate describing word in order to reiterate your point.

The most challenging and important part of the essay is the introduction. It will set the tone of the whole composition. You need to have a statement or a word that will catch the reader’s interest and will make them read the entire composition until the end. Introduction on a descriptive essay is the make or break part because from this, reader’s will then decide if they read it all the way through. This is where they either lose or gain interest.

On a descriptive essay, introductions can be in various forms. You just have to decide which one would best work for you. It’s has a double-sided effect. For the writer, introduction is like how they open the can of worms. From there, they can go ahead and expound on the topic. Here are some tips for composing an introduction paragraph on descriptive essay:

  1. Come up with a catchy statement - which will be elaborated throughout the essay. “Beauty when preserved is prettier.”
  2. Ask a question - from where the answer will be figured out in the conclusion “Have you imagined a chicken running without any feathers?”
  3. Challenge the readers - that there’s something in it for them when they finish reading the composition. “See for yourself how you’ll achieve the look that you want in a short time.”
  4. Define - and describe what you defined as you make your progress towards the conclusion
  5. State a short story - Description of the characters, environment, and situation will be relayed all throughout the composition
  6. Involve your readers - make it interactive by asking and answering potential questions readers may have, then make an affirmation towards the conclusion.

The key is, even when you have already mastered the topic that you will be writing on, you have to see to it that you will already capture the reader’s attention by writing an effective introduction. Since it’s a descriptive essay that you will be writing, you have to be careful in giving clues by describing too much. Remember that you have to keep hold of their interest, so hold your horses, and present the main course only when it’s time. Don’t lose track and keep in mind that your introduction and your conclusion should always be connected to each other.