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Creating An Impressive Essay About Using Animals For Research

In high school, you will be required to create essays on different themes. Some of the topics will not be interesting in any way, but others can really make a difference in your life. When it comes to sensitive issues you have to gather information in very good way and to expose it professional. Using animals for research is a problem worldwide, but many students don’t know about this. To create your composition on this theme can really make them open their eyes and start to take action. Here are some ideas that would be appropriate for your text:

  • Endangered species. What most people don’t know is that some of these animals die in laboratories because they are being used in research. There are only a few of them in their natural habitat but scientists don’t realize this.
  • Animals suffer just like humans. They can not talk or express themselves like humans, but the truth is that they suffer, they feel pain and they are scared. Keeping them in laboratories is a way of torture and no creature should go through this.
  • Cosmetic products are being tested on animals. Women use lipstick, mascara and foundation but they don’t know how many animals have to suffer for this. Every product, since the beginning until it is being sold on the market, is tested on monkeys and pigs.
  • It is illegal. In some countries of the world this practice is illegal, but laboratories find a way to avoid law. They state that animals are less than humans and the drugs need to be tested on a creature, so this is the best option. On the other hand, we can not sacrifice other creatures just so we can be comfortable with ourselves.
  • Animals are being killed after the research is done. They are not being held as pets, and no one cares about their life. Most of the time after the research is done, they are being killed or abandoned on the street. This can lead to a large number of stray animals.
  • Many procedures are painful. Scientists perform painful procedures on pets in laboratories, but they don’t think about how much animals are suffering. For example, they amputate limbs and then they administrate different types of drugs to see which one works best. In other cases, they hurt the animal on purpose to see how it is healed.