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How To Organize The Introduction In A Reflective Essay On Global Problems

The introduction entices the reader to peruse through the entire paper. The introduction also sets the tone for your paper which will determine the reception it gets among readers. As much as the introduction could be a few sentences or a short paragraph, it must receive the attention it deserves. Here are tips on how to organize your introduction and ensure that it makes your reflective essay captivating.

Include the Following in your Introduction

  1. Hook- this is an element that will capture the attention of the reader. The hook may come in the form of a story, dialogue, illustration, description, statistic, etc. Make the hook as captivating and memorable as possible. Avoid common phrases or quotations because they sound mundane to the reader. Use a hook only if it adds value to your paper.
  2. Transition- this is a bridge between the hook and the thesis statement. It creates a relationship between the opening statement and the position you are to take in the debate. It may also be considered as the justification for the story and a cue to your ultimate statement about the topic.
  3. Thesis Statement- this is a sentence or two that will summarize your idea or point of view. It is the point that you will be defending in the discussion or content part of your essay. From the statement, a reader gets prompted to dig deeper into your content.

The opening you give to your paper is crucial in enticing readers. Though the introduction comes at the beginning, it is recommended that you write it as the last part of your paper. This will have given you a clear understanding of topic and issues that are contained in the paper. A good introduction will do the following.

  • Give confidence to the reader that you are going to provide crucial answers to questions raised or issues on the title.
  • Indicate that you have a clear understanding of the task ahead and that you will execute it appropriately.
  • Provide details on the approach you will take to tackle the issue including the main issues that are going to be covered in the paper.
  • Show the reader that you have researched on the topic and are ready to give captivating details.

The introduction should be short and precise. It should show that you understand what is expected of you from the essay. It also gives the reader an idea of the relevant materials or content to expect in the paper.