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Components Of Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is also referred to as Freudian psychology is a body of ideas that was developed by Sigmund Freud and was later continued by other. Its primary objective was to study the behavior and functioning of the human psychology. Apart from human psychology it can also be used to explore the psychology of the society. It has three main components that entail the mind model, human behavior theories and methods of treatment of emotional illness. The fundamental concept of psychoanalysis is based on the subconscious that is represented by the id and superego. The subconscious mind is of interest to the psychoanalysts since it is responsible for the majority of human behavior. Based on psychoanalysis Human mind is such that it is virtually impossible for one to be aware of what is going on in one's subconscious.

The model of the mind

The mind is conceived as an iceberg that contains the ego on the top and the subconscious below at the surface. The subconscious consist of superego and id. The superego is our conscience that represents the societal rules we learn as we go through life as what is right and ethical. The id represents our animalistic drives and instincts that rotate around aggression and sexual energies. The theory explains the conflict that occurs in human life between the id and superego. The mind is in constant conflict to choose between the sexual and aggressive drives. The entire explanations above have an impact on the human behavior.

Limitations and legacy of the components of psychoanalysis

In today's world, psychoanalytic techniques are widely being applied by the therapist, psychologists and psychoanalyst but it isn’t at all the force it was once. The first limitation is that one is unable to see any direct relationship between the theoretical ideas (id and superego) and the scientific data (dream interpretation). Second the psychoanalyst is having problems about the way to interpret the same data. Another fundamental problem is that psychoanalytic technique has had minimum success in the field of therapy which has made it impossible to find a psychoanalytic therapist today. The components of psychoanalysis by Freud have impacted the western thought significantly despite the criticism the theory has had. Contemporary research has backed some of his ideas. An example of this is the sexual drive by an important aspect in human behavior that has been revealed recently by psychologists.