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List Of Thought-Provoking Essay Topics On International Health Development

At present there are many important issues around the globe and one of the important issues among them which need immediate solution is the issue of international health development. They deal with the issue like how to develop the basic need of health in maximums country especially in the developed and underdeveloped county.

  • The deprived parts of the world
  • There are many poor countries still struggling to get even primary medical facility and essays about it. Under developed country like the Africa has been suffering from lack of primary medical aid. For major medical emergence they have to either move to other county or bring the doctor from other country for treatment. India is also in the queue of underdeveloped county. The remote areas of the county do not have hospital. In lack of medical treatment many people died and those who move to city hospital cannot bear expansions.

  • The need for global health education
  • In order to make people aware, essays on global health education is necessary. The WHO (World Health Organization) is the higher organization and authority in this respect. They deal with the various major issues of the world regarding health. They should initiate to implement such education to find out way to reduce the health related problems.

  • Prevention of disease through lifestyle
  • With the time our lifestyle has been changing. The people of early age used to do work in the field throughout the day but the picture is not the same today. The present age is the age of modern industry. Many things have developed and people do not have to go in the field to earn their livelihood. In cities they do job in the industries and this change has bad influence on their health. New diseases are being developed with changing lifestyle. Therefore it is necessary to change our lifestyle in order to stay healthy and prevent new diseases to develop.

  • Discuss the controversies and contemporary issues of the world relating to health
  • Discuss the complexity of the contemporary governance system regarding global health issues.
  • Evaluation of the tools which are used in assessing the health need
  • The recent evolution and the approaches of the primary healthcare
  • Illustrate the evidence of accessing healthcare and policy implications.
  • The challenges and potentials faced by the technology for the advancement of the global health
  • Discuss the major issues of providing healthcare for vulnerable population
  • Discuss the effectiveness of aid
  • A systematic review in the relevance of global health