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Everything You Should Know About Crafting An Outline For A College Essay

An outline for a college essay will include details to help create the final paper. As this information is written it may include notes, thoughts, facts, and opinions associated with the main idea. The essay may focus on its main idea but the outline will help focus on information you need to include to make your thesis statement true. Here are a few things to consider when developing your outline.

  • Sections of the paper and what information should be discussed in each. The outline for an essay starts off with sections. They represent how the paper itself is made up including the introduction, body paragraph and conclusion. Your body paragraphs may be separated into smaller sections (one for each paragraph). Each section throughout the outline includes a supporting point or details you plan to discuss for that section.

  • Supporting points that clearly provide evidence for your main idea. Having clear supporting points ensures you understand how to prove your thesis statement (main idea). As you develop your outline you may come up with points you have yet to know where they may appear in the essay. As you come up with more ideas you will know if you have enough information and where it should appear logically speaking in the context.

  • Opinions or facts to support each point mentioned (providing proof of why supporting points support main idea). The outline may have several sections that represent body paragraphs. Each will detail a point relating to the main idea. You should have enough details here including opinions and facts to make your argument or concept pertaining to your main idea solid. The outline makes it easy to see what information you have and what you need to include.

  • Outline should help write rough and final drafts. When developing an outline keep in mind it will help create the essay paper from start to finish. There is information for each section of the paper and when starting rough draft this is when ideas come together.

  • Example outlines are available online for additional insight. There are examples for different types of essays to research. They can be used to help develop an outline on your own. Your instructor may provide additional insight on how to craft an outline if using online sources as a prime example for your own content.