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How To Cite A Book In An Essay: A Brief Tutorial

In writing an essay, it is very crucial to be well versed with knowledge on how to cite a book in your work. It gives accredit to the writer and shows the level of his or her understanding of the given topic. Most students are uncertain about when and how they can accomplish this. Therefore, you should look at the following key ways that give you a perfect solution.

  • Include direct quotes
  • After you have read and comprehended the primary text, you can get to a pertinent section which you might want to give in support of your points. You can simply achieve this through directly quoting a certain text into your work. These should nonetheless be brief and precise sentences. You can check this site for samples for sample work.

  • Paragraphs of another author’s work
  • Apart from quoting only a certain sentence as mentioned above, it is possible to go to the extent of citing paragraphs directly drawn from a different book crafted by a distinct writer. It is important to be sure that the work is from reliable sources in order to annul from getting lower grades. The paragraphs chosen should carry the greater load of the information.

  • References to other people’s ideas and works
  • This is another way through which one can cite a certain book’s set of information. This does not necessarily have to be a direct transfer. You can rewrite the information in order to simply it or make it more elaborate but you should maintain the intended meaning.

  • Discussion and analysis of other people’s works
  • You can study a certain section of the writing and evaluate it based on the given ideas. You can do this through stating what the writer says and your general view about the same. In discussion, you give general information based on the theme that is at hand. You can give your arguments and justify them appropriately by drawing evidence and examples from the mother text.

  • Citing a cited source
  • If the current work was cited from another initial source, it is advisable to adhere on the reference to the latter source. This becomes the original source of the information you are delivering. If you face challenges in reading the original copy, then you are free to employ the former or the second resource material. You should also ensure the data from both books is relevant and reliable.