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Beauty Is Power

The phrase “beauty is power” has been an age old adage that many people either stand by or completely disagree with. Some argue that the statement promotes vanity, and concepts that are shallow. However, having and maintaining an idea of beauty which is personal to a person can help promote confidence and greatly aid a person’s mentality and attitude. Regardless of a person’s stance on the subject, there is still a sincere advantage of beauty, and in some ways, beauty definitely is power.

  • Beauty gives you confidence.
  • This is a nearly inarguable fact. When a person feels good about their appearance, they feel good about themselves. For most people, not excluding men, beauty heightens their sense of being and strengthens the quality of how they see themselves. Whether it is through complex beauty regimes such as hot coal massages and oil peels or through a basic pampering like a hot bath or an at-home hair treatment, people feel good about themselves when they feel as though they appear well or refreshed. Many people try to tamper with this concept by stating it is unnecessary and egotistical, but the psychology behind treating yourself well and that reflecting on your self-image is difficult to argue against.

  • Beauty emits a positive image.
  • When a person maintains their appearance, the world looks at them differently than a person who is unkempt. The sad truth is that, in this example, that a person is more likely to view a person who is dressed well and styled properly more positively than a person who is not, for example, in sweatpants or clothes worn previously from the day before. This is not to say a person shouldn’t be comfortable or constantly be worried about how the world should or will perceive them, however, because certainly no one can be up to their own or society’s own perception of beauty or perfection in a constant manner.

When the truth boils down to it, beauty and what is attractive is subjective and what one person may find beautiful, another person may not. Regardless, attaining your own personal idea of realistic beauty in non-harmful ways is essential for self-esteem, attitude and overall vivacity in a person. Many people have different regimes to create an attractive image for themselves, whether it is via sunbathing, using special moisturizing lotions or washes, buying specific makeup, going to the gym, or even dying one’s hair. If you feel beautiful, you will act beautiful and you will find a greater enjoyment in day-to-day living.