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Prevention Of Cancer

Primarily the prevention of cancer is a significant way of improving physical health, and reducing the burden of cancer in general. Cancer is a condition whereby cells in a particular part of the body develop and reproduce without control. The cells attack and wipe out surrounding organs and tissues that are in top form. However, one in three cancer cases can be prevented if people in the society adhere to a healthy life style. This can be achieved through dietary adjustment as obesity and overweight enhance the risk of developing cancer. It is therefore imperative to maintain a healthy weight all through life. Studies have shown that diets high in vegetables and fruits that have a rich source of antioxidants may possibly contain a lesser risk of some types of cancer. Consequently, it is essential to some follow diet and activity guidelines. These guidelines highlight the importance of sustaining a healthy body weight; restricting the drinking of alcoholic beverages and eating plant foods.

Essentially, the source of cancer in the world can be attributed to tobacco smoking. But, it is avoidable. Tobacco use is the most avoidable risk factor for cancer mortality worldwide. Cancer and heart diseases are caused by tobacco. It causes cancer of the lung, bladder, mouth, pharynx, kidney, stomach, larynx, esophagus and possibly colon. The combination of alcohol and tobacco heightens the danger of some cancers further than the effects of either drinking or smoking singly. It is therefore, important to desist from tobacco smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Additionally, alcohol consumption is a central cause of oral, esophageal cancer and breast cancer. As a result, women age 40 and above, should have a screening mammogram periodically till at least age seventy.

Cancer can also be minimised, by reducing exposure to carcinogenic chemicals in the surroundings that can occur through air and water pollution. Herbicides and pesticides can be poisonous when used inappropriately in agricultural and industrial sites. Thus, as a preventive measure, agricultural produce should be carefully washed before consumption, to lessen exposure to these compounds.

In conclusion, the rates of cancer-related diseases and fatality can be lowered by alerting the public about the risk of cancer, mounting awareness among adolescent and parents, and involving the media in enlightening the public, concerning the increasing hazard of air and water pollution. If these are achieved, at least one-third of cancer cases that occur annually can be prevented.